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CLASS OFFERINGS SPRING 2023 | Feb 22 - Mar 29, 2023

Acting for Stage & Screen (Grades 2-5)

Through theatre games, acting exercises, monologues and short scenes students will be introduced to acting techniques for the stage and on-camera work.  Ends in a sharing of students work on the final class.

WED 3:30 - 4:20 pm


Work collaboratively with your peers to develop story, setting, characters, dialogue, and staging. Throughout the creative class process, engage in games and activities to hone your fundamental theatre skills. 

Theatre Learning Looks Like: 

  • Expressing individual ideas that contribute to a larger group concept

  • Learning theatre foundations like vocabulary, actor tools, and how to structure a story

  • Making physical & vocal choices to develop & practice performance technique


CHERYL KING - Cheryl King has been working in the performing arts since 1978, as a mime, comedian, actor, writer, and director. Since 1999 she has taught writing, improvisation, and acting to students of all ages in NYC, LA, Seattle, and Chicago. Cheryl’s unique approach to teaching elementary school students involves helping them get fully into the mind and body of the character via improv exercises and games. She has worked extensively with children ages 4-16 in both stage and screen acting. She has network TV experience, having served as resident acting coach for the hit soap opera All My Children, at ABC Studios in NYC. Cheryl created and ran her own theater in NYC, Stage Left Studio, from 2005-2015, and has acted in and directed dozens of productions across the US. She studied for over a decade in NYC and LA with acclaimed teachers Carol Fox Prescott, Gary Austin, Michael Gellman, Rod Menzies, and Jeffrey Sweet.


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