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Home School Theatre

Fridays  2:00pm-3:30pm

NOTE: This class meets Sept 15- Oct 20.

Grades 6-7, 8-12

Instructor: Anthony Martinez

Tuition: $175

Let's put on a show! A six-week, once a week, 90 min course for homeschoolers (and others with flexible mid day availability) to collaboratively create, rehearse, and perform a performance for public presentation. Work with YAS Education Director Anthony Martinez to choose and rehearse a song, scene, or monologue of your choice that will be part of an original theatre revue performed on the stage of The California Theatre in the final week. Together we will choose material that will work well together and shape it into a unique production of our very own!

Musical Theater Fundamentals

Tuesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm

Grades 6-7, 8-12 / Ages 11 and up

Instructor: Julianne Bradbury

Tuition: $150

Ever wanted to be in a musical but don’t know what to expect? This six-week, once a week, class will show you everything you will need to know to audition, rehearse, and perform in a musical. Tips and techniques on auditioning, call-backs, rehearsals, working with directors, rehearsals, performances, theatre terminology and more will be covered in this very informative class!


Group Voice with Anthony

Thursdays 4:30pm-5:30pm

Grades 6-7, 8-12

Instructor: Anthony Martinez

Tuition: $150

Study healthy singing technique with YAS Education Director Anthony in a supportive and fun group atmosphere. In this six-week, once a week invigorating class, participants will be guided through vocal exercises, breathing technique, and repertoire selection as they rehearse a solo, duet, or group number for a final class performance for friends and family.

Advanced Acting: Audition Prep Workshop

Sundays 12pm-1:30pm

Grades 6-7, 8-12

Instructor: Jess Headington

Tuition: $175

A six-week, once a week, class for young actors with some previous experience to further explore their dramatic and comedic acting skills and shine in auditions. Work with seasoned actor and teacher Jess Headington on monologues and scenes to mine the depths of character development, dramatic arcs, and pacing to deepen and enrich your acting abilities. This course culminates in a last class, invited performance for friends and family.

Theatre Learning Looks Like: 

  • Expressing individual ideas that contribute to a larger group concept

  • Learning theatre foundations like vocabulary, actor tools, and how to structure a story

  • Making physical & vocal choices to develop & practice performance technique

  • Integrating multiple performance styles & theatre concepts

  • Rich collaboration – discussing & contributing ideas to enhance performance

  • Director’s notes – observation, suggestion, support, and feedback to introduce and refine performance concepts

  • Providing opportunity for intentional group reflection on artistic work

Skill-Based Learning Looks Like:

  • Learning skill-specific vocabulary & concepts at an age-appropriate level

  • Understanding concepts though warm-ups, games, exercises, projects, and exploration

  • building-upon concepts to achieve mastery

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